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dizzy & lit up like a Ferris wheel
31 March
There are things in the psyche which I do not create, but which create themselves and have their own life. ~ Jung






I like not knowing. What-you-can't-put-your-finger-on. What-ifs.
I like subtext. Ambiguity. Reading between the lines. The nothing that is not there & the nothing that is.
I like obscurity. Opacity. Innocence & experience. Truth & beauty.
I like words left unsaid. The long look. The someday, maybe.
Above all, I like story. Narrative. In books, films, TV, music, photography, and art.
That's me.

the wire, the x-files, homicide: life on the streets, battlestar galactica, the west wing, sports night, in treatment, damages, deadwood, true blood, sons of anarchy, mad men, alias, lost, friday night lights, without a trace, criminal minds, gossip girl, lie to me, in plain sight, life, castle, 30 rock, the mentalist, bones, grey’s anatomy, northern exposure, scrubs, house, grounded for life, parks & recreation, boston legal, the daily show, the colbert report, band of brothers, state of play, foyle's war, prime suspect, the good wife, dirty jobs, m*a*s*h, hill street blues, titus, my name is earl

sean bean, anthony lapaglia, hugh laurie, andre braugher, gabriel byrne, allison janney, richard schiff, josh charles, titus welliver, tim roth, charlotte gainsbourg, damian lewis, russell crowe, humphrey bogart, stephen fry, edward norton, hugh grant, daniel auteuil, bill murray, daniel craig, donal logue, sarah shahi, kim coates, tommy flanagan, katey sagal, rob morrow, bradley whitford, timothy olyphant, ian mcshane, steven webber, juliette binoche, matthew gray gubler, thomas gibson, peter krause, felicity huffman, ed westwick, william hurt, viggo mortensen, edward james olmos, katee sackhof, jamie bamber, maura tierney, mandy patinkin, lance reddick, josh holloway, james spader, clark johnson, bill nighy, bill pullman, paul gross, adam arkin, michael vartan, david duchovny, jennifer garner, sandra bullock, kyle secor, blair underwood, embeth davidtz

wilco, the rooks, bob dylan, the replacements, the smithereens, ryan adams, the black keys, the rolling stones, warren zevon, bon iver, leonard cohen, ella fitzgerald, louis armstrong, the jayhawks, uncle tupelo, the scud mountain boys, son volt, jay farrar, gomez, aimee mann, joe henry, david bowie, blur, spoon, calexico, radiohead, coldplay, elvis costello, nick lowe, peter gabriel, nick drake, the national, my morning jacket, otis redding, marvin gaye, al green, etta james, aretha franklin, ray charles, the pretenders, paul mccartney, joni mitchell, csn&y, joe pernice, the pernice brothers, sloan, the kinks, the la's, johnny cash, cat stevens, matthew sweet, blue merle, annie lennox, joan armatrading, nina simone, billy bragg, the smiths, simon & garfunkel, gordon lightfoot

wings of desire, mephisto, my brilliant career, the prestige, blue, the english patient, fight club, akira kurasawa's dreams, three seasons, my wife is an actress, cache, magnolia, spanglish, funny people, lost in translation, rushmore, the darjeeling limited, the royal tennenbaums, american beauty, the usual suspects, la confidential, keeping the faith, barton fink, proof, bliss, the tailor of panama, i'm not there, what about bob, shopgirl, the spanish prisoner, i capture the castle, layer cake, snatch, casino royale, about schmidt, grosse point blank, groundhog day, the painted veil, lust caution, in the mood for love, after life, lantana, about a boy, music & lyrics, while you were sleeping, uncle vanya on 42nd street, the constant gardener, citizen kane, rebecca, the girl in the cafe, love actually, jindabyne, p.s., the silence of the lambs, momento, strictly ballroom, the piano, a portrait of a lady, to have and have not, the big sleep, the maltese falcon, the bourne identity, ocean's eleven, atonement, children of the revolution, kingpin, the graduate


30 rock, aaron hotchner, aaron sorkin, abstraction, acting, adam arkin, alfred hitchcock, alias, allison cameron, anthony lapaglia, apollo, art, battlestar galactica, bill murray, bill nighy, bob dylan, bones, books, cal lightman, castle, character actors, charlie crews, christy, chuck bass, chuck/blair, clark johnson, criminal minds, damian lewis, dana scully, dani reese, daniel craig, david bowie, david duchovny, david strathairn, deadwood, donal logue, dreams, edward norton, elvis costello, film, fox mulder, friday night lights, gabriel byrne, gay rights, gemma morrow, gillian anderson, glenn childs, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, harrison ford, house/cameron, hugh grant, hugh laurie, humphrey bogart, i'm not there, in plain sight, in treatment, jack and samantha, jack malone, james spader, jane eyre, jeeves and wooster, jennifer morrison, john c. mcginley, johnny cash, jon stewart, josh charles, josh/donna, kara thrace, kate/sawyer, katee sackhoff, katey sagal, keats, kim coates, l'heure bleue, lake michigan, lance reddick, lee adama, lee/kara, leelanau peninsula, leonard cohen, lie to me, life, literature, lost, lotr, mad men, marshall mann, mary/marshall, michael connelly, michael nyqvist, michael vaughn, mysteries, narrative, newfoundland dogs, noir, northern exposure, older men, orchards, parks and recreation, paul gross, photography, poetry, pop art, rainer maria rilke, reading, ria torres, richard russo, samantha spade, sarah shahi, sawyer, scrubs, sean bean, secretary, sexual tension, shakespeare, slings & arrows, sobriety, sons of anarchy, sports night, starbuck, subtext, syd/vaughn, tea, the beatles, the big book, the daily show, the darjeeling limited, the good wife, the kinks, the west wing, the wire, the x-files, tim roth, timothy olyphant, titus welliver, true blood, tv, viggo mortensen, wallace stevens, wes anderson, wilco, william stafford, without a trace, writing